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We are an S:CRAFT shutter supplier & installer

Why shutters?

Shutters are more than just a window covering; they are designed to be a permanent solution for control of light and privacy levels and, when fully closed, they're also effective at reducing noise and helping maintain comfortable room temperatures. As a bonus, they're easy to wipe and keep clean, are virtually maintenance-free and, when combined with an integrated room darkening blind, they provide extreme darkness by eliminating light seepage (even without this option they're still a really great solution for light blockout).

Why S:CRAFT Shutters?

S:CRAFT specialise in shutters and always have done. Many other shutter suppliers specialise in blinds as their core business and have extended their product range to include shutters as it's a fast growing market. S:CRAFT shutters are renowned for their versatility and quality of finish. They are only ever tailored to your exact specifications, are available in the widest selection of materials, colours and styles, and can be manufactured to suit all window shapes including arched, angled and circular windows. Unlike many other shutter suppliers, S:Craft have their own production lines and are renowned for the quality of their packaging and transport methods, which means it is less likely your shutters will arrive with damage from transit. We've done very many S:CRAFT shutters and, in that time, have only ever received one panel with very minimal warping, which was replaced with no quibble.

S:CRAFT shutters carry a 3-year manufacturer's warranty against structural defects, hardware & colourfastness.

Shutter styles

The price you are quoted is based on material and square metre size (or part of) - not on panel configuration. This means there's no difference whether you choose full height shutters with or without a mid-rail (where the top louvres operate independently of the bottom louvres), cafe-style shutters (half height), or tier-on-tier for the ultimate in flexibility. You can have louvres that open and close, or you can have them fixed open or fixed closed (for example if you want the shutter as a wardrobe door). 

Other options include:

Track & doors (suitable as room dividers and wardrobe doors); French doors; and special shapes including curves and angles.

Your choice of shutter materials


By only covering the bottom half of your windows, you can combine privacy with plenty of natural light


  • Windows requiring extra privacy at eye level

  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms

  • Bay windows

Solid panel

Fore a more traditional finish to your windows, solid panels block out the light when closed and provide an additional barrier to the outside elements. A classic look for period properties


  • Bedrooms close to streetlights

  • Wardrobe doors

  • Period properties

Full height

Our most popular style that creates a real sense of scale, creating clean simple lines from top-to-bottom. Simple and elegant. Mid-rail (as shown) optional but provides greater flexibility


  • Key living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens

  • Square or rectangular windows

  • Wardrobe doors


By operating the top and bottom panels independently, you have ultimate control over the light, the view and your privacy.


  • Sash windows

  • Bay windows

  • Living rooms that experience strong sunlight

  • Ground floor properties that require more privacy