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Made-to-measure blinds for regular & shaped roofs, and skylights

We manufacture and supply a range of blinds designed to enhance your conservatory roof or skylights. We use trade specialists Eclipse Blinds Systems and Louvolite for our pleated fabrics and blind components, with the blinds made by hand in our workshop in Ross-on-Wye. We understand that roof blinds can be a significant investment and you may need time to consider multiple quotes or different products. We offer a no obligation measure & quote service, with no sales pressure, full written quotes on request and an extensive selection of fabrics. Depending on your budget, and the structure and design of your roof, we can offer:

Pleated blinds (suitable for regular and shaped roofs)

These are fixed top and bottom and the blind draws up and down with the fabric tensioned using tough nylon cords that run the length of the blind. The blinds butt up together across the roof but you will see gaps between each blind, although the width of the glass itself will be covered. You will also see the cord holes running through the fabric as the fabric itself is single layer, however these are typically the more cost-effective option for most roofs, and they do the job required of them. A wide variety of fabrics are available including plains, blackout options, prints and patterns; for rooms with a lot of solar heat gain we do recommend fabrics with a solar coating on the reverse, of which there are plenty. If you have non-branded skylight windows these blinds are a good option. Motorisation is available using a hardwired system operated by remote control or integrated with a home hub.

Perfect Fit International blinds (suitable for regular and shaped roofs)

These are tensioned pleated or cellular blinds fitted within Aluminium 'Perfect Fit International' frames, giving the appearance that the blinds are integrated with the roof itself (note, cellular fabrics are not suitable for shapes). This is a 'no screw' product, with the frames fitted to the roof using specially designed brackets which push under the rubber gasket that sits between the window frame and the glass. The availability of Perfect Fit International is dependent on the how your roof is constructed.

Cellular blinds (not available for shaped windows)

Cellular blinds are double layer pleated blinds that are sometimes referred to as 'honeycomb' blinds. They are a premium product because they offer improved thermal benefits and are better for blackout as the cords run between the two layers of fabric. They can be installed with or without Perfect Fit frames. 

VELUX and Keylite blinds

We supply and install VELUX and Keylite roof blinds. If you have VELUX or windows we don't even need to measure - simply call or email us with the code from your window frame and we can give you a price.

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