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Urban Shutters from Louvolite

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks from point of order

Made in: Manchester, GB

Why Urban Shutters?

All Urban Shutters are made-to-measure on site in Hyde, Manchester using the highest quality methods and materials to ensure a stunning product that will totally transform your room.

  • Constructed from ultra strong polysilk vinyl that will not warp, crack, chip or peel

  • They will never require painting or staining as the colour is embedded into the shutter itself

  • Every day scratches and dents do not affect the finish or colour - minor scratches and marks (even permanent marker) can be sanded out by hand. Individual louvres can be quickly and easily replaced.

  • Louvres close in both directions

  • Water-resistant, making them the perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms

  • Reduce outside noise. Insulating properties help to maintain room temperature.

The Urban Shutter range

  • The Urban Shutter range offers the choice of tier-on-tier, full height and café style shutters.

  • There's a unique 'Duplex' feature available to allow ultimate control of privacy and light levels. Duplex allows one section of louvres to remain open, while the other section remains closed (without the use of a divider rail).

  • Urban shutters are available in two shades of white - Arctic or Cotton. 

  • Have the tilt rod on the front, offset on the hinge side, or hidden on the back of the shutter facing the window.

Louvolite offer the choice of two louvre sizes:

  • 63mm louvres provide a traditional look. It is the most popular louvre size and allows a nice level of light into the room while still affording a great deal of privacy. 63mm works well on all size of windows, It is also a very popular option with tier on tier shutters.

  • 89mm louvres provide a contemporary look. The finish is clean and simple, and the bigger louvres allow a more generous amount of light in while still allowing for moderate privacy. If you wish to maintain the view you have out of your window then this is the best option. 89mm works well on large windows and doors.

All Louvolite shutters carry a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee.

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