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Made-to-measure blinds for bi-folding, French and sliding doors

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We manufacture a range of blinds designed to complement your bi-folding, French or sliding doors. We offer a no obligation measure & quote service, with no sales pressure, full written quotes on request and an extensive selection of fabrics and finishes. Depending on your budget, and the type of doors you have, we can offer you:

The Allusion blind (for sliding doors, and bi-folding or French doors that open outwards)

The Allusion blind  from Louvolite is a unique window dressing for the modern home. Suitable for all window types, Allusion blinds really come into their own in larger windows and bi-folding doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to enjoy both light and privacy. They can also be used as room dividers in large spaces such as hotel lobbies.

Allusions's unqiue patented weave offers the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy along with modern, clean lines. Cleverly combining the delicacy of a voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, Allusion offers a number of light and privacy options:

  • With the fabric vanes drawn to one side during the day you can still enjoy a clear outside view

  • With them fully closed at night you can have total privacy, warmth and security

  • With the fabric vanes opened you have the best of both worlds - view, privacy and shading

  • You can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilst still retaining the ambience in your room

Perfect Fit  blinds (unsuitable for sliding doors)

Roller, Venetian, pleated, cellular or Vision

These are a 'no screw' product with the blinds fixing to the door via brackets that push under the rubber gasket that sits between the door frame and the glass (alternatively they may be fixed using a magnetic system called 'Konnect'). Choose from Aluminium or real wood Venetians, pleated or cellular blinds, rollers or Vision blinds, and benefit from your blinds moving with your doors for freedom of access at any time. 

Intu and Micro Intu blinds (unsuitable for sliding doors)

Beadfit Intu blinds are similar to Perfect Fit blinds in that they are a 'no screw' product, but instead of having a full frame the blind is anchored by top and bottom rails that fix to the beading around the glass. Micro Intu blinds are designed for bi-folding doors that do not have room for a Perfect Fit frame due to the way the doors fold together. Screwfit Intu blinds are suitable for wooden doors (where there is no beading between the frame and the glass).

Vertical blinds (for sliding doors, and doors that open outwards)

The traditional option for sliding doors as they provide easier access to openings than horizontal blinds, offer large surface area coverage, are durable, and also versatility of privacy, shading and light levels.​ 

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