About us & FAQs

Charbel Blinds is a small, independent family business owned and managed by John Pritchard and Alexandra Gregory. We first opened our doors in June 2018 and since then we have covered thousands of windows, doors and roofs within Ross-on-Wye, Monmouth and the surrounding areas.  

Who we are

John is a former professional jockey who had rides at all the local racecourses including Hereford, Worcester, Cheltenham and Chepstow. He retired from race riding in 2007 and has been working in the window blind industry ever since.


John also works part time for educational charity Racing to School and, in November 2018, John was featured on ITV Racing as the runner up in the prestigious J.E.T.S Richard Davis Awards for former jockeys who have gone on to have a successful second career.  You can see him here (far left of shot) receiving his award from Champion Jockey Richard Johnson at Cheltenham Racecourse's November Meeting.


John has two children, Charlie & Isabel, after whom the business is named. 

Alex is originally from Chester and previously held senior positions with online giants moneysupermarket.com and gocompare.com, before launching a successful User Experience consultancy business. Now co-owner/manager here at Charbel, Alex is mum to two boys and has lived in Ross since 2012. 

Our business model

Our business model has never been about selling blinds at the cheapest price possible, instead we focus on providing customers with value for money, and that means quality products at affordable prices coupled with a personal end-to-end service including guaranteed aftercare. We do not compromise on the quality of blind components even though buying cheaper components would increase our margins, instead we buy durable components that stand the test of time.  


We all have social responsibilities and our business is no exception. 

  • The materials we use to manufacture blinds, along with the products we're not able to manufacture ourselves, are all sourced within the UK from companies who all have their own environmental policies and charters.

  • We recycle all our aluminium tube and head rail off cuts. We donate our fabric off cuts and redundant fabric books to local charities and community groups who use them for craft-based activities.

  • We recycle all our cardboard packaging and use local charity EnviroAbility as our preferred recycling partner.

  • We are investigating ways to reduce our consumption of single use plastics, mainly polythene tubing, but in the meantime we re-use and recycle as much plastic packaging as we can.

  • Unlike other  retailers we are able to recover existing (fully functioning) roller blind components with new fabric rather than simply selling a new blind. This is win win - the customer pays less and waste is reduced. We can also replace vertical slats if the head rail is in full working order, and we are able to repair vertical head rails if they are based on the same system as the head rails we sell. 

  • We like to do our bit for good causes. We have recently given valuable financial support to The Royal Welsh Regiment, donated vouchers to local primary school fundraisers, paid for a special needs child and their carer to attend a circus performance with the Circus Stars charity, and we donated a prize to a fundraising event for local charity Rocky Lee's Little Feet.

Common questions

Why aren't your prices the same as Blinds2go and other online retailers?

As a small local business it isn't possible to directly compete on price with online-only retailers. There are many reasons for this, but in a nutshell online retailers have a business model based on volume. This means they have to sell at the lowest competitive price, which drives the volume, and in turn the volume results in big discounts from trade manufacturers which lowers the the cost price of the products they sell and this is then reflected in the retail price. While we consider our prices to be competitive, and we see our competition as John Lewis, Laura Ashley, etc. our business model is not based on volume and nor do we want it to be. Instead it is based on value for money, meaning we offer a quality product and a personal service. We also have a showroom where you can view demo blinds, browse fabrics and discuss your needs with a knowledgable member of staff - not available if you shop online! If things go wrong we are on hand to put them right, and aftercare is guaranteed for 24 months post-purchase.

Why do you charge for fitting? Other retailers fit for free.

Although we charge for fitting we rarely if ever make profit from it. The revenue generated by our fitting service is used to pay for, maintain, insure, tax and fuel our company van which in turn allows us to offer a free no-obligation measure and quote service. When blind retailers tell you there are no hidden extras and fitting is free, be wary. For the retailer there is always a cost to fitting - time, materials and the vehicle used to attend. This has to be paid for somehow, and it is common for the price of the blinds to be uplifted to offer this 'free' service, or for there to be a reduction in the quality of the components or fabric the blinds are made from in order for the retailer to maintain the same margins. Carpet retailers almost always charge extra for fitting, and we don't see why it should be any different for blinds.

Are your products made in Ross-on-Wye?

We make the following products in Ross-on-Wye: Rollers Verticals Romans Pleated Allusion Vision Perfect Fit We source the following products from specialist trade suppliers: Venetians Velux/Keylight Intu

What are your opening hours?

Our showroom in Ross-on-Wye is open Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm and from 10am - 2pm on Saturdays. Our showroom in Monmouth is open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm and from 10am - 2pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Are you a dog friendly shop?

Yes we are! We absolutely love dogs.

Why do my blinds need to conform to Child Safety legislation when there are no children living here?

This is one of the most common conversations we have for customers, and we appreciate it can be frustrating for some customers such as those who live in retirement complexes. We are not allowed to supply unsafe products even if a customer insists. We, as manufacturers and installers, are held accountable by the law for the products we make, sell and fit. We cannot and will not issue a disclaimer except in commercial premises where children are unlikely to have access. In terms of residential premises, there is always the likelihood that the premises may be accessed by children at some point (eg. grandchildren) and of course the window coverings may remain in place once a property is sold. See our Child Safety page for more details and specific FAQs relating to installation