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Made-to-measure Vision blinds

Vision blinds are also known as 'Day & Night' or 'Duo' blinds due to their innovative '2-in-1' design. 

  • essentially you're getting two blinds in one design i.e. two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric that appear to move independently from each other.

  • as with a traditional roller blind, a Vision blind can be fully up (open) or fully down (closed) but the advantage these blinds have over a traditional roller is the option of aligning the translucent fabric, meaning that when the blind is down you can still see in or out, and allow filtered light into the room. Alternatively, for even more privacy, you can cross align the fabric to create the 'blockout' effect of a traditional roller blind.

As with all other blinds, they also have their limitations which may mean they're not right for you:

  • they are typically constructed from thin layers of fabric which does not offer much in the way of insulation

  • the fabric typically isn't as robust as standard roller blind fabrics and is harder to clean

  • aesthetically, they suit some property types more than others

We make our Vision blinds by hand in our workshop in Ross-on-Wye, and offer:

  • A huge choice of fabrics from Louvolite and Eclipse Blind Systems

  • Blackout options

  • A fire retardant range

  • Motorisation - including 1-Touch Wand or Remote operation

  • Perfect Fit frames

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