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Made-to-measure Venetian blinds


  • suitable for most window sizes (although we recommend real wood blinds on larger windows as they are lighter than faux wood)

  • controlling light and privacy levels

  • durability - they're low maintenance and long lasting

  • availability of premium finishes (wood, "faux" wood, and Aluminium are all stylish alternatives to fabric)

  • UV shading - Venetian blinds can be fully or partially extended to control light penetration, and slats can be angled to control light transmission.


  • not ideal for rooms needing complete blackout

  • if you intend to raise the blind regularly faux wood is unsuitable for very large windows due to its weight, which puts excessive pressure on the mechanism

  • unsuitable for shaped or irregular windows

  • they are known for being dust-magnets and hard to keep clean

  • real wood Venetians aren't suited to damp or humid rooms, and faux wood Venetians aren't suitable for very hot rooms such as conservatories (particularly the darker colours) as the slats will warp in excessive heat.

Our Venetian blinds are made-to-measure to your specification.

  • We use a trusted UK supplier and our return rate due to damage/mis-makes is currently running at around 1 in every 120 blinds.

  • Choose between Aluminium, faux wood or real wood, with the option to upgrade to Timberlux - a luxury wood product.

  • Three different slat sizes - 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.

  • Alternate slat colours if desired (aluminium & real wood only).

  • Upgrade to tapes, with two sizes available.

  • The option to swap control sides or have both controls on the same side rather than left hand tilt and right hand raise as standard (aluminium & real wood blinds only).

  • Painted, gloss, wood stain and grained finishes all available.

  • Wireless motorisation for blinds on hard-to-reach windows

  • Installation available or sold on a supply-only basis - the choice is yours.

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