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Our quick guide to...

Venetian blinds

 Venetian blinds are a great choice for:

  • most window sizes 

  • controlling light and privacy levels due to tilting slats

  • durability - they're low maintenance and long lasting

  • availability of premium finishes (wood, imitation or "faux" wood and aluminium are all stylish alternatives to fabric)

  • UV shading - Venetian blinds can be fully or partially extended to control light penetration and slats can be angled to control light transmission

But they do have their disadvantages:

  • they're not ideal for rooms needing complete blackout

  • they tend to be unsuitable for very large windows as the blind can be heavy and tricky to operate

  • they're also unsuitable for shaped or irregular windows

  • they collect dust (although they can be wiped clean)

  • real wood Venetians aren't suited to damp or humid rooms (faux wood or aluminium Venetians are a good alternative though)

  • faux wood Venetians aren't suitable for very hot rooms such as conservatories (particularly the darker colours)

We offer:

  • A choice of aluminium, faux wood or wood

  • Three different slat sizes - 25mm, 35mm and 50mm

  • Alternate slat colours if desired (aluminium & real wood only)

  • Choice of tapes or cords

  • Both controls on the same side (aluminium & real wood only)