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Our quick guide to...

Roller blinds

 As one of the simplest, most convenient blind types, roller blinds have many advantages:

  • they are relatively inexpensive compared to other blind types, with options to suit almost every budget

  • they can be accessorised with braid and/or pulls for a premium look

  • they're great for light 'blockout'/'blackout'

  • you can have your existing roller blind fabric replaced for a whole new look at a reduced cost

  • rollers can be used to complement other window coverings, such as curtains

  • when fully raised they are reasonably unobtrusive within the recess

  • they offer versatility of user control - options include spring loaded, chain controlled or motorised

  • we have thousands of fabrics for you to choose from

  • we offer "easicare", wipe clean, anti-allergy and anti-fungal options

  • you can use multiple rollers across wide window spans or on staircases to facilitate staggered UV shading, or have a set linked together and operated via one remote control

  • they suit most window types and sizes

They aren't so great for:

  • versatility of light control and privacy as they only go up or down, as opposed to verticals and Venetians, which tilt

  • anything other than regular window shapes

We offer:

  • The choice of white or silver chain

  • Operation by chain, soft-rise (pull), battery (with wand) or rechargeable motor ion unit (with remote control)

  • Blackout fabrics at no extra cost

  • A selection of scallop styles with a choice of braids (a charge applies)

  • A wide variety of braids and roller pulls (priced separately)