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Made-to-measure Perfect Fit and Intu blinds

Perfect Fit and Intu blinds are a stylish option for windows & doors, and offer plenty of benefits:

  • they integrate with the window/door frame which mean they move with windows and doors when they are open and closed

  • depending on the blind type you choose, they can provide a great combination of shade and ventilation

  • no drilling or screwing into window frames, meaning you get quick, clean installation

  • blinds can be removed for cleaning

  • reduced gaps at the edge of blinds to increase privacy and insulation

  • child safe design as standard because there are no loops or cords

  • Ideal for bi-folding doors, French doors, and conservatories

As with all other blinds, they also have their limitations which may mean they're not right for you:

  • they are a premium product and cost more than some other alternatives

  • as they fit into individual window panes it can take a large number of blinds to complete the room, for example where there are small opening windows sat above larger windows such as in a conservatory or bay window

  • we don't recommend measuring these blinds yourself as measurements need to be accurate to the mm, the bead depth of the window seal needs to be measured accurately and there may need to be an adjustment made in order for the window handle to be operable with the Perfect Fit frame installed

We are a Louvolite-accredited Perfect Fit manufacturer & installer and offer:

  • Pleated, cellular, roller, Vision and Venetian Perfect Fit

  • Pleated, cellular and Venetian Intu blinds

  • Screwfit Intu for windows/doors that are unsuitable for beadfit Intu

  • Micro-Intu for bi-folding doors that cannot accommodate Perfect Fit frames

  • New "Perfect Fit Konnect" for windows/doors unsuitable for push-fit Perfect Fit

  • Frame colours to match your windows/doors including white, anthracite, brown, black & golden oak

  • Motorised upgrades

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